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Mission of The Walking Movement

The mission of the walking movement is ACTIVE PREVENTION FOR SENIORS:

  • Walk to a healthy You
    Prevention of ill health: Prevention is better than cure. Keep oneself walking, it prevents a passive lifestyle. This way one is continuously working on improving his/her health.
  • Walk to building an active senior community
    Prevention of isolation: By bringing the seniors together, a community is built to encourage one another to improve on health. Furthermore it builds on the continuous participation of seniors in our society.
  • Walk to better family bonding
    Prevention of disintegration: Family members are encouraged to participate with their senior family member, bringing generations together for a healthier lifestyle!

The Walking Movement


Seniro Walk - Upper PierceSenior Walk - Upper Peirce

The Walking Movement walks

There are three walking event types:

Senior Active Yearly Walkathon

  • A yearly walkathon celebrating seniors coming together with the community and keeping an active lifestyle.

Senior Active Special Walks

  • Walking events conducted by Senior Active on public holidays or walking events by other organizations. These walks typically have a special cause, such as helping to raise funds for a good cause.

Senior Active Weekly Walks

  • Senior Active visits partner organizations such as rehabilitation centres on a weekly basis and accompany seniors for a walk around their neighbourhood. This helps to train senior participants for the yearly walkathon!

Join The Walking Movement!

Are you an active senior age 50 and above? Have the zest to encourage others in keeping a healthy and active lifestyle? Walk with us! Contact us if interested!