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Senior Active creates a healthy working environment for seniors.

Senior Active is creating employment for seniors with The Heritage Classes. These classes aim to encourage seniors to share their talents and pass the skills to younger generations. One of our program is The Heritage Cooking Classes. It is a success to see both seniors and the participants enjoying the classes.

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Heritage Cooking Class

How Senior Active creates a healthy working environment for seniors:

  • Letting the senior take charge

We took note of the talents that seniors have and support them with a platform to share these skills. Seniors are encouraged to plan out how they want their sessions to be held.

  • Flexible working timings

We respect the seniors’ time in wanting a work – life balance. For some seniors, they may want to work a few days a week. While for others, they may want to work more.  Seniors are given the options when they want to do classes.

  • Ergonomically friendly working environment

Having an ergonomically friendly working environment is not only good for seniors but for everyone. A smart work place understands that a healthy working environment respects the workers’ health.

  • Supportive staff

Staff from Senior Active prioritises what is best for our seniors. We are supportive of each other and see the strength in each other regardless of age.


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  • Are you a senior with a talent for cooking? Email your interest to join us as a cook at event@senioractive.sg
  • Are you interested to learn cook a traditional meal? JOIN THE CLASS!