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Our mission

To encourage seniors to stay Active through:

  • Active participation in community activities.
  • Caring for self, personal needs and community support.
  • Total wellness through nutrition, safety, health and happiness.
  • Independence in leading fulfilling and dignified lives.
  • Vitality to have zest and passion in life.
  • Energy with strength and power to sustain physical and mental well being.

What we do

SENIOR ACTIVE promotes the active and healthy well being of seniors in Singapore. We support the continuous participation of seniors in our society by:

  • Bringing awareness to the community by discussing and sharing on issues pertaining to the well being of our seniors.
  • Holding walking events for seniors to participate in an active lifestyle.
  • Introducing innovative products that empower the independence of seniors in their daily living.
  • Partnering with organizations, locally and internationally, with similar ideals with us to enhance the quality of living of seniors.

 Read more on what we do on selected items below

The Walking Movement

The Walking Movement

The Walking Movement is an initiative of Senior Active. The walking movement aims to build a movement of walking seniors in Singapore. Read more on the walking movement and how to join.

Senior Active Model

Senior Active Model ©

Senior Active developed the Senior Active Model © that looks at the role of ME (the senior), WE (the family, friends & neighbours) and US (the society) as factors in helping seniors to continue to participate actively and healthily in our society. Read more here.